Stage 1 Performance - Yamaha WR250 X/R 2008-2020

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Stage 1 Performance - Yamaha WR250 X/R 2008-2018

Looking to run the best and most proven stage 1 setup for your dual sport? Add 10%+ horsepower and torque with stage 1 modifications. Here are the available mods for the Yamaha WR250 X/R.


  • Attitude GEN 3.2 or GEN 3.5 Fuel Controller

  • FMF Quiet Q4 Hex or Powercore 4 Hex Slip-On Exhaust

  • FMF PowerBomb or MegaBomb Header or just stay stock

  • K&N High-Flow Air Filter - Included with every stage 1 kit

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Attitude Box Fuel Controller: Which one to choose?

The Attitude Box fuel controller smooths out the throttle response and picks up some horsepower all by itself even on a stock bike. Add on either of the slip-on exhausts and you'll need to fine tune the fueling. If you ride at high elevations then choose the GEN 3.5, but for everyone else the GEN 3.2 is the way to go and saves you a couple of bucks.

Slip-On Exhaust: Which one to choose?

If you want performance then you have to change out the exhaust to a more free-flowing aftermarket exhaust. You'll save some weight and the real decision comes down to how much noise you are ok with hearing while riding. Choose the FMF Quiet Q4 Hex if you want to stay as quiet as possible, but if you like a great sounding bike then go with the FMF Powercore 4.

Header Pipe: Which one to choose?

If you are on a budget and wondering what part you could leave out then go ahead and stay with the stock header. However, if you want it all then choose the FMF PowerBomb header to improve the mid-range performance or go with the FMF MegaBomb for serious racers for more all around improvement.