EightySixd Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel 1999-2003 Turbo Kit 0.86 A/R

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Built for the ultimate in durability, performance, and value! Design features of this new 0.86 A/R EightySixd Turbo include the following:
  • Larger diameter turbine wheel, compressor wheel and bearing system.
  • Larger iconel 713 turbine wheel for increased strength. Turbo has an oversized turbine shaft diameter and 5/16" diameter quill thru the compressor wheel as opposed to the stock and ball bearing turbo 1/4" quill shaft.
  • High performance T-61 compressor wheel. Better than the stock or ball bearing turbo. Capable of higher pressure ratios than either and with over 30% better flow (91mm as opposed to 80mm stock or 88mm ball brg. turbo compressor wheel).
  • Stronger 360 degree, bolt in thrust bearing and larger heavy duty hydrodynamic journal bearing system.
  • Turbo is a true &bolt on& turbo for 99-03 powerstroke diesels that allows you to use any combination of intake and exhaust upgrades and with the exception of a required 4" intake hose and clamp that are included in this kit, can be used with all of your stock or upgraded components!
  • Larger turbine wheel head and free flowing 0.86 A/R turbine housing for huge reductions in drive pressure and far lower e.g.t.'s. this will allow for higher fuel delivery levels to be run without having to "back off" to prevent engine damaging exhaust temps.
    • Typical results of 200-350 degrees cooler than the stock turbo, and about 150-200 degrees cooler than the ball bearing turbo.
  • Large 4" inlet ported shroud intake housing and inlet hose (stock turbo is 3").
    • Provides over 30% better intake flow for better performance.
    • Features map width enhancement slot for wider compressor map. This eliminates common turbo surge and lowers the compressor choke point.
  • High spring rate, adjustable wastegate actuator to prevent wastegate "blow off" at higher boost levels and allow for less exhaust restriction at top end, while maintaining the bottom end response of a smaller turbo.
  • Turbo is field serviceable and can be rebuilt by any turbo shop at a reasonable price.
  • VSR balanced for no compromise, performance and durability.
  • 100% made in the U.S.A. (from the foundry to the final build!)

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