FMF PowerBomb Header - Yamaha WR250 X/R 2008-2020

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FMF PowerBomb Header Yamaha WR250R / WR250X

If you spend most of your time riding in the mid to upper RPM range the FMF PowerBomb is the header for you. The PowerBomb incorporates a patented chamber at a precise location in the initial stage of the header. This chamber allows exhaust gases to expand and then contract, resulting in nearly a 10% flow increase. Not only does the PowerBomb offer more usable mid to top end power, it also acts as a pre-muffler and can help lower exhaust sound output.


  • Increases mid to top end output from stock motor
  • Reduces sound output
  • Compatible with FMF mufflers only
  • 100% made in the USA


  • Stainless Steel 1.4 lbs