EightySixd Ford 6.0L 64mm PMAXX RACE Turbocharger

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Add performance to your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke by adding the EightySixd 64MM PMAXX RACE Turbocharger. The EightySixd 64MM PMAXX RACE Turbocharger is based on the factory design variable geometry turbocharger built by Garrett. 

Airflow output is increased by installation of an EightySixd Billet 11 Blade or 6x6 Extended Tip Compressor Wheel as well as our matching RACE Compressor Housing. The turbine wheel is changed to a 10-blade wheel to lower backpressure. Modifications are also performed to the turbine side to improve upon the reliability of the variable vanes.

The EightySixd 64MM PMAXX RACE Turbocharger provides more intake airflow than ANY of the factory 6.0L turbochargers. This turbo will produce a noticeable exhaust whistle on most trucks similar to the 2003 Powerstroke.
The EightySixd 64MM PMAXX RACE Turbocharger is a good combination for Stage 1 (155cc) injectors or bigger. The turbo also works on Stock Sticks with custom tunes or FICM tuning. Dyno results have been recorded to show over 500 rear wheel horsepower with proper fueling. This turbo comes with a VGT solenoid.  

11 Blade or 6x6 Blade Extended Tip Compressor Wheel Specs:
Inducer 63.5mm / Exducer 88mm

Turbine Wheel:
Inducer 72.5mm/Exducer 66.5mm

Turbine Housing:
A/R 0.90

NOTE: We highly recommend going with larger injectors for the 6x6 billet compressor wheel  over stock injectors for spool up time.


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