EightySixd Ford Powerstroke 6.0L 2003-2007 Fuel Pressure Spring - 5-pack

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Performs Better than the Ford 6.0L Blue Spring Upgrade!!

Only takes minutes to replace!! Anyone can replace it!! Save money over kits trying to sell you extra parts instead of the main product!!

This Fuel Pressure Spring works on 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L models.

The stock fuel pressure spring runs about 50-55 psi on a 6.0L Ford Powerstroke at idle and 35-40 psi at WOT give or take some depending how long it has been run and the condition of the pump. Ford released a statement verifying how this amount is way too low and could result in injector failure. Ford released their own Blue Spring upgrade, but still only managed to get the fuel pressure up in the 60-65 psi at idle and 45-50 psi at WOT. The EightySixd fuel pressure spring raises it to about 70-80 psi at idle and 50-55 psi at WOT. Fuel pressure can affect power, drivability and fuel mileage.

EVERY Ford 6.0L needs to have the stock fuel pressure spring changed out so choose the best spring which is the EightySixd Fuel Pressure Spring.

The EightySixd Fuel Pressure Spring differs from the stock spring in two ways:

  • #1 is Fuel Pressure Increase: On a stock 6.0L Powerstroke the fuel pressure is 50-55 psi at idle and 35-40 psi at WOT (wide open throttle). The EightySixd fuel pressure spring raises it to about 70-80 psi at idle and 50-55 psi at WOT. Ford's own WOT test says it should be 50-55 psi to prevent injector failure.
  • #2 is Increased Tension Lifespan: The stock spring loses about 25% of its spring tension in 10,000 cycles. The EightySixd spring loses about 1% to 3% of its spring tension in 1,000,000 cycles. Not bad for a low cost upgrade that can be installed in minutes!!

Installation Notes: Installation is simple and requires basic tools along with a T-27 torque bit. You simply remove the pump cover pieces and then remove the 4 x T-27 torque screws on the drivers side of the pump. Carefully separate the line from the pump and remove the spring (careful not to lose or damage the o-ring seal unless you are replacing it). Install the new spring making sure it seats properly and put it back together. It is very important to make sure the o-ring stays in its proper place.

This fix will permanently optimize fuel pressure the right way and prevent the need for trying to achieve the same results by using potentially damaging and leak-causing shimming of the weak stock spring.

OPTIONAL: Genuine Ford Key Hole Gasket can be added to spring order.

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