EightySixd Metal Guard Engine Treatment

Reduce Friction, Increase Part Life, Improve Lubricity, Reduce Heat

Motor lubricants attempt to provide a film barrier between moving parts. In high-pressure metal-to metal areas, the film strength (EP rating) is thinned and/or eliminated completely, creating friction and extreme heat. Unlike many of today's products claiming to be metal treatments, a quality treatment doesn't create a film or coating over the metal. Molecules in the metal treatment are polarized and actually bond with the metal surface. The layer of Metal Guard treatment molecules is activated by extreme pressure and heat, meaning that the metal treatment performs best right where it is needed most! The perfect metal conditioner is important in keeping your engine maintenance free. Metal conditioners are different from oils stabilizers or oil additives as our metal conditioner treats the metal not the oil for increased friction reduction. Good for diesel and gasoline applications. Works great on the street or track. Reduced friction and heat mean more time on the road or track and less wear on critical engine components.